SKIN by Chi was launched with skin inclusivity and health in mind. Chi is a cosmetic scientist’s, public health professional, licensed skincare specialist, and MUA with a passion for cosmetics.

She has spent over a decade acquiring knowledge about formulation. Beginning her journey in her undergraduate studies, Chi acquired a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science focusing on Chemistry and Human Biology. 

Chi continued studying cosmetic science and the industry from all angles. She continued her formal education by completing her graduate studies, allowing her to view cosmetics and skin from a more holistic perspective, became a makeup artist, and obtained her license in esthetics. She is now pursuing a PhD to add even more value and broaden her skills. As a result, she has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry using various cosmetics on a diverse range of populations. Having this practical experience coupled with her formal education provides her a unique perspective in formulating products. 

All of SKIN by Chi’s current products are formulated with a combination of natural, organic, and vegan ingredients because Chi believes in the value of plant-based ingredients as an integral part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle. We hope that you feel enveloped in the warmth of the passion that drives our founder.


”I want to make waves in the beauty industry, I want everyone to know that beauty is for them, I want everyone to find their way to flawless skin.”

-Chi 🖤🤎