The Balm Chiq Blog: What are Balms???

The Balm Chiq Blog: What are Balms???

What are Balms?

Welcome to the first "The Balm Chiq" blog post. Chi here and I have truly missed blogging! Instead of wasting any time I wanted to jump right in and talk about one of my FAVORITE cosmetic products...ever... BALMS. Note the name of this Blog if you are in doubt about my OBSESSION!

Balms are traditionally anhydrous formulas which means that they do not contain water. Typically balms are created with butters, oils, and waxes as the base for the formulas. We definitely made some of our "balms" water-based to add some of our favorite hydrophilic ("water-loving") ingredients but we would never and could NEVER omit butters, oils, and waxes.

Balms can provide intense moisture and improve hydration by locking in water and decreasing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Properly formulated balms do not cause damage to the skin and therefore allow for reparation of the skin barrier process while providing intense moisture. Balms can also create a protective layer over the skin which can improve the overall health of the skin.

Current skincare trends will have you believe that balm products are useless but this is far from the truth. Balms contain ingredients with emollients which are in integral part of skincare. Balms also do not contain the same threats for microbial growth as products containing water. One of our favorite things about balms is that they are so easy to customize to meet your needs.

We will definitely be taking a deeper dive into balms but for now... I am just here to re-introduce myself. Chi, the founder of SKIN by Chi, The Balm Chiq, and the cosmetic obsessed science nerd here! I will be sharing information about any AND everything cosmetics on this blog! Stay TUNED and THANK YOU so much for reading!


 -The Balm Chiq