Building a Skin Care Routine: Step 4

Building a Skin Care Routine: Step 4

We are nearing the end of the basic 5-step Skin Care Routine and as I always say, this step is non-negotiable. Growing up, I remember avoiding this step because my skin was oily and I assumed I didn't need to do this part BUT... BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Step four of your 5-step Skin Care Routine is UNDENIABLY...


Whether your skin is oiliest of oily or dry, this step should be a part of your routine! Moisturizer is one of those steps that does exactly the opposite of what you would think. If you have oily skin, it can aid in controlling that oil and providing balance. Moisturizer also keeps skin moisturized... I know... go figure lol. One of the most important benefits of moisturizer is that it provides added protection. 

I know you are tired of reading by now so just CLICK HERE. I get into more detail about moisturizers and how to select one. I mean... this is non-negotiable.
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