Building a Skin Care Routine: Step 3

Building a Skin Care Routine: Step 3

We are really getting into building a solid routine at this point and if you have been keeping up with these step by steps then you have your cleanser and toner secured. If you haven't, I would definitely suggest you tap into the first two steps before you continue.

Now we are going to get into the next step... as my husband always says "drumroll...."

Serums are: delivery systems for active ingredients. This means that the ingredients that you use to brighten, lighten, etc. are delivered in serums. Some examples of this are mandelic acid and Vitamin C. Active ingredients are the powerhouse ingredients, the performers. They are vital to addressing skincare concerns and reaching your skin goals. One of my favorite things about serums is that you can layer them. There are times where I apply THREE serums and they work beautifully together. You still unsure about the importance of a serum...

We did a deep dive into serums HERE where we explored some common ingredients to address certain skin concerns as well as answering some common questions! 

Do you use serums? What are your favorites? What skin concerns do they address?