• Meet our Men's Facial Moisturizer

    We couldn’t neglect all of the men so it was time to get into a little masculine formulation... this moisturizer is packed with phenomenal ingredients just like we do for the ladies. Don’t worry, we won’t have you smelling the feminine wilds all day either with this musky, masculine, yet light scent. 

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  • Meet: Beard Oil

    This oil was specifically formulated to seal in hydration and moisturize the beard! A hydrated and moisturized beard is the first step to better retention. This beard oil also gives great shine and improves manageability. You can pair this with our beard butter for even more intense moisture. Did we mention that this beard is safe to use all over the body!?!

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  • Meet: Beard Butter

    The newest addition to our men's grooming line and an instant best-seller, this light formula is the perfect product to moisturize any beard. With a deep sandalwood & cinnamon scent, this butter offers a masculine aroma to accompany all of the phenomenal benefits for beards.

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